Jeparadise: All the beautiful Tourist Places in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia

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JEPARADISE - We will discuss about all the beautiful tourist spots in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Not many people know about this small town in Central Java, which makes Jepara a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Jepara is located on the north coast of the island of Java, northeast of the city of Semarang, which is famous for its exotic natural tourist destinations. Not only that, Jepara is also a popular city in Indonesia which is famous for being the birthplace of the famous Indonesian heroine R. A. Kartini, who is known for fighting for equal education for women.

Travel Destinations in Japara

Here are all the beautiful tourist spots in Jepara that can be an option for your vacation. 

1. Gong Peace

Plajan Village in Jepara is known as a village of peace and one of its symbols is the peace gong. Djuyoto Suntani, President of World Peace from Plajan Jepara, donated 202 gongs placed in 202 countries which were first launched in 2002 in Bali by Megawati Soekarno Putri. There are 202 flags on the Gong attached to the countries of the world and the writing of World Peace Gong and a pair of peace flowers as an identity. There are also peace wells, various peace paintings, and The Earth Center. 

2. Portuguese Fort 

Located in Banyumani Village, Donorejo District, The Portuguese fort is a historical building. The fort was built in 1632 by the Kingdom of Mataram during the reign of Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo in collaboration with the Portuguese who at that time was at odds with the Dutch VOC. In addition to historical tourism, the area around the fort also offers natural attractions such as beaches and panoramas of the Java sea. Some activities that visitors can do, including fishing, trekking, to camping. 

3. Mantingan Mosque 

The Mantingan Mosque is the second mosque after the great Demak mosque which was built in 1481 Saka, or 1559 AD by Ratu Kalinyamat. The year of construction of the mosque was known based on the sengkala candra engraved on the mihrab, which reads "Rupo Brahmin Wanasari". Once upon a time, Ratu Kalinyamat felt sad over the departure of her husband Sultan Hadiri who was killed by Arya Penangsang. To overcome his sadness, he made a tomb with a mosque in the Mantingan area. The architect of this mosque is Chi Hui Gwan, better known as Patih Sungging Badarduwung. 

4. Empu Rancak Beach 

This beach has a charming white sand beauty. Located in Karanggondang, Mlonggo District, Empu Rancak Beach is about 15 km from the city center of Jepara. It is suitable as a tourist destination for families because of its gentle sloping beaches with calm waves. Children can play beach sand while keeping a close eye on parents. Visitors can enjoy the breeze in the gazebo that is available or take a picture in front of the colorful writing 'Empu Rancak Beach'. Do not miss to enjoy a variety of tasteful seafood culinary and watch the beauty of the sunset from the shoreline. 

5. Songgolangit Waterfall 

Songgolangit waterfall is located in Bucu, Kembang, about 30 km on the north Jepara city. This waterfall is 80meters high and 2meters width. The natural scenery in this area is very beautiful and comfortable. That is why it is an appropriate place to relax. The tourist can also see many beautiful and colorful butterflies in this place. 

6. Kartini Museum 

Kartini Museum has collection of historical relics of RA Kartini's older brother as well as other cultural heritage objects. This museum is located on the north square of Jepara. The museum covers the area of of 5,210 m2 consisting of 3 buildings as large as 890 m2 in total. The buildings form the letters of K, T and N if it is seen from the above. It is open every day at 08:00 to 16:00 pm. 

7. Jepara City Hall 

Jepara city hall was Kartini's house when she was a child until she got married. In this place, RA Kartini started her struggle to encourage women and teach her students. 

8. Mandalika Island 

All the beautiful Tourist Places in Jepara are Mandalika island. Mandalika island is located 2 km across Portuguese Port. There is no people in this island and only one people staying in this island, he is the mercusuar guard. There is a virgin forest in this place. Many people like fishing around this island because the sea is deep. 

9. Hian Thian Siang Tee Pagoda 

Hian Thian Siang Tee Pagoda is known as Klenteng Welahan. It is located 24 km away on the south of Jepara city exactly in Welahan Village. This village has Chinese old heritage, they are 2 pagodas. The pagodas were built by Tan Siang Hoe and His Brother Tan Siang Djie 

10. Pungkruk Beach 

Pungkruk beach in Mororejo has flat and coral contour. In this area, there are many traditional restaurants which sell seafood. The special menus in this area are ikan bakar and pindang serani. 

11. Kura Kura Ocean Park 

Kura kura Ocean Park is located in Kartini beach. It is a family tourism place and it has opened since 2011. The turtle building consist of 2 floors. In the ground floor is used as a sea garden and in the other floor is used as a supporting facility. On the ground floor which becomes the sea garden consist of a great aquarium with big fishes like shark, turtle, etc. There is also one touch pool filled with freshwater fish especially lame turtle. 

12. Karimunjawa 

Comprised of 27 pristine tropical islands scattered along the Java sea, Karimunjawa archipelago is one of the district under Jepara regency of Jawa Tengah Province. Some islands are formed by coral reefs and covered with sand layer. These islands conceal various potential of the enchantment of natural beauty, mountain range, white sand beaches, and underwater world. Karimunjawa National Park lies about 45 nautical miles from Jepara and 80 nautical miles from Semarang. 

13. Bandengan Beach 

Bandengan beach called Tirta Samudra Beach is located in Bandengan village, about 5km from the center of Jepara city. The beach becomes the favorite tourism destination not only for domestic but also for foreign tourist because it has white sand and clean water. Based on the history, Bandengan beach is also a place which brings sweet memory for RA Kartini. This beach has many facilities, such as resort, children play ground, ATV, banana boat, canoe, boat tour etc.

14. VOC Fort

VOC Fort was built in 1678 by Netherland. This fort located on a hill about 500m away on the north part of Jepara city square. The visitor can see the beautiful scenery of Jepara city, Panjang Island and Sea.

15. Jepara Ocean Park

Jepara Ocean Park (JOP), located at Mororejo Beach, is designed with Russian and Mediterranean Palaces like, particularly its waterslide tower, and it makes JOP different from other waterslide tower in Indonesia.

16. Foresty Tourism Object “Sreni”

Foresty Tourism Object “Sreni” is located in Bategede, Nalumsari about 35 km on the east Jepara. Sreni is a protected forest in the Muria mountain slope. It is very beautiful scenery of pine forest, hills, rice fields, villages and rivers. This area is often used for camping, hiking and family gathering. To get to this place, the visitors can drive their own car carefully since it is a twist way.

17. Teluk Awur Beach

Teluk Awur beach is located in Teluk Awur, Tahunan. This beach is always crowded by visitors especially on the holiday and when there is Lomban event.

18. Tourism Object “Tempur”

Tempur village is the highest place in Jepara located in Muria Mountain slope. It has beautiful mountain scenery and stony river. Tempur village also become an access to Angin temple.

19. Kartini Beach

Kartini Beach is located 2.5 km on the west of Jepara exactly at Ade Irma Suryani Street in Bulu Village. It is 3.5 ha. This beach is located in a strategic place because it is near with the center of the city and It is also the main way to Karimunjawa archipelago. Kartini beach becomes a favorite family tourism place because it has children play ground, tourist train, boat tour and souvenir shop.

20. Bondo Beach

Bondo beach is located in Bondo village, Bangsri. It has great wave on west season. Besides, the water is very clean and calm

21. Panjang Island

Panjang Island is located near with kartini beach. It is only 10 minutes by boat from the port in Kartini beach or Bandengan beach. Panjang Island is surrounded by white sand beaches and shallow sea with beautiful corals. In the middle of the island there is tropical forest with high and tall trees. There are also perdu and brushwood between the trees which become the habitat for some species of birds.

Those are all the beautiful tourist place in Jepara that we quoted from

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